Kimberly Rhee


Adventurous, driven, and an excellent birthday card maker, Kim uses a mix of lettering, illustration, and design to bring her work to life.


photo by Jason Palumbo.


Kim Rhee

After graduating from Cooper Union’s inaugural Type@Cooper West program in 2016, I dived head first into type. Since then, the dominant part of my freelance work has been lettering, with a bit of illustration and graphic design mixed in. Clients include but are not limited to Apple, Bed Bath & Beyond, American Conservatory Theater, and Discovery Channel.

Side note: I have a mini aussie named Cooper. He’s awesome. My current favorite book is “The Fun of It” by Amelia Earhart, for its surprisingly feminist undertones. The first time I ever rode a motorcycle I took a three day solo trip through the mountains of Vietnam. And, if I never had to eat broccoli again, I’d live happily ever after.

I’m currently available for freelance work, so please get in touch. I’d love to hear about your project!





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